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Content Marketing

“Content marketing is like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.”

David Beebe

When I joined the industry 6 years ago, people were already joking about the “content is king” cliche. Content Marketing had become the most over-hyped, blown up topic in the industry. Every blogger and tweeter was telling you the value of “quality content” and to “build trust with your audience”. Not much has changed.

Despite all the hype, though, it’s hard to argue with the fact that for the average SEO professional, adding new content is probably the most effective way to get more potential customers onto your site. Here, our authors share their top tips on getting Content Marketing right.

Our Latest Content Marketing Ideas

Using first party data for content ideas

Sometimes we forget that there are a whole ecosystem of teams around us we can generate/steal ideas from. Here’s how.

Should I target niche or high volume keywords?

We are often faced with a decision as SEO professionals. Do we target a specific, ultra-relevant niche or go after the big win, high volume keyword?

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the practice of creating assets which provide value to your customers or those with the potential to become your customers online. It’s a wide-ranging field that can encompass anything from writing blogs and campaign support materials to building fully blown out websites, podcasts, music videos or pretty much anything that your audience will react positively to.

A key premise of content marketing is that it’s not about directly driving sales. It’s a form of “pull” rather than “push” marketing (we pull people in with value, rather than pushing our products or sales onto them) whereby we seek to give people something they genuinely find useful, informative or entertaining with the ambition of fostering better business outcomes in the long term. All articles you will find on this website are created with this broader aim in mind.

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How chaos theory can improve your SEO understanding

By getting to know Google as a chaotic and complex system, we can cut down on false promises and renew the faith we have in SEO.

The tropes of SEO – storytelling to communicate value

Hit with content writer’s block? You can use insights from what you’ve already created in order to come up with ultra-relevant new ideas.

Easily spot broken pages in Google Analytics

Find external links to 404 pages on your site which are driving traffic with this quick clean-up exercise. Get more value from your backlinks.

How to stop being a perfectionist & do better work

Why foregoing our very best effort can be such a challenge, and some actionable steps for getting around this limiting trait.

Behind the Site

I’m Jack Telford, an Owned Strategy Director at Publicis Media. I’ve been in the SEO industry for the last 6 years and love the collaborative nature of the space. This site is my little contribution to the community.

Got any Good Ideas?

Always looking for new contributors to the site – and for feedback too. Feel free to get in touch if you’re interested in writing or have anything to share.

London, SW4 (or I will be again after lockdown)

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