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Using first party data for content marketing ideas

Author: Jack Telford

When we’re working on building out our site content, it’s very tempting to turn first to what we know. Outward-facing SEO tactics like keyword research, competitor analysis, gaps analysis and content auditing. These are great sources of fresh content ideas, but can risk us missing what’s right in front of us. There are a wealth of insights we can pull by instead directing attention inwards, to the swathes of data and knowledge within our own business. Below I’ve listed a few thought starters on how you can tap into these useful pools of knowledge.

#1: Look At What Other Teams Are Doing

Marketing, sales & broader digital teams within businesses can be notoriously disconnected. Often, though, there are insights being captured within one team which can prove beneficial for others.

A great first port of call is customer service teams, they’re likely to know a lot of user pain points and common concerns which they spend all day dealing with. Maybe you can address these in your content marketing. This will simultaneously free up your service department’s time and give you good ideas to gain additional traction online – win win.

Another great connection to make is between paid search and SEO teams. There are a wealth of efficiencies which can be driven between the two channels, but to keep it brief and relevant here, I recommend getting your hands on a search terms report. This will show all of the specific terms which have triggered an ad. The real benefit of this over traditional SEO keyword research is you see all of the very rarely searched, long tail terms which are showing up in association with your brand. Group semantically similar ones and use them to insight informational content production. You’re also helping your PPC team here, as you can find irrelevant terms which they can add as negative keywords.

#2: Use Your Brand’s History

This one is great if you’re looking to communicate the heritage or prestige of a brand. So many of the brands have fascinating backstories which can evoke nostalgia and bring positive sentiment towards your brand. Maybe it’s the restaurant which sold 15 cents drive-through burgers or the whiskey brand produced in prohibition times, “our story” content is great to engage and entertain your audience.

#3: Use Social Listening

In a similar ilk to the customer service point above, you can often generate a whole load of insights by visiting anywhere that user generated content is found and digging into what people are saying. You’ll often find certain false assumptions coming up over and over that need addressing, or a pain point which you need to cover in your FAQs. As well as the obvious social channels, you can look into relevant forums and use Google Alerts to find chatter about your brand you could address.

#4: Use Keywords From Search Analytics

I have endorsed it before and I’ll endorse it again, the Search Analytics for Sheets API is extremely valuable for making sense of Search Console keyword level data. Use it to export all of the search terms which have driven users to your site. Then filter to brand-related ones which contain question words like “how”, “what”, “why” “is” etc., and find out what’s bothering your potential customers about your brand.

I hope you’ve found these quick few tips useful in generating new, brand-based content marketing ideas. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Or if you’re in the mood for more, take a browse through our main categories here.

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