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Technical SEO

“No website can stand without a strong backbone. That backbone is technical SEO… without it, everything else falls apart”

Neil Patel

For some people, technical SEO is “real” SEO. Correct implementation can bring some of the biggest returns out of everything we do, whilst limitations in this field can stunt an otherwise well put together strategy.

Our technical SEO articles are written to be action-led, simple and useful, with step-by-step instructions and a lot of use case examples. Take a look at what we’ve put together below.

Our Latest Technical SEO Ideas

Finding Unknown 404s Easily on Google Analytics

We all know how to spot them in a crawl, but there’s a handy way to discover 404 errors in Google Analytics too.

Using Custom Screaming Frog Search & Extraction

How custom search and extraction functions can help you discover issues and opportunities on site.

Image Speed Optimisation Made Simple

The quick wins that will supercharge your page speed performance. No prior expertise needed.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO activities improve how our site is crawled, indexed and ranked by Google by fine-tuning aspects relating to its infrastructure. What exactly constitutes a “technical” task can mean different things to different people and overlap significantly with all other areas of our discipline. It can be hard to draw the barrier, for example, between writing a meta description, which sounds like a content element, and writing schema mark up which most people would consider technical, even though both relate to writing content in pages’ source code that can potentially show up in search results. In the same way, amending broken links on site to point to better pages may seem innately technical, but could also be seen as a UX-focused improvement.

Perhaps it’s less important to try to draw arbitrary lines between technical SEO and other areas than to nail down exactly why we do it. Technical SEO is about implementing changes which simultaneously improve the function of a site and how it’s seen by search engines by fine tuning and building on the technologies used on it. As search engines have got smarter and smarter over the years, the line between what we do for them and what we do for users has become increasingly blurred, with user experience considerations every bit as important as how Google will see the effects of our technical activities. It’s for this reason we’re often said to be experiencing a “golden era” of technical SEO.

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